PRECURE provides your company with

Concrete numbers on muscle strains and variations in the workflow

Specific knowledge and recommendations to reduce muscle strain

Setting quantifiable KPIs on the work environment

Measurement of your improvements effect

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What is the process?

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Setup and data collection

The PRECURE team will set up and customize the data collection with your company and setup all employees with the equipment (estimated time 10 min per person). The employee will usually wear the equipment for one week and it does not influence the work.

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Recommandations and implementation

Based on the data collection, PRECURE recommends how you can reduce muscle strain and will also help with implementation if needed.

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Follow up and effect

Depending on improvements implemented, a new data collection can be completed, by which you will have a pre- and post-picture. All findings will be presented to your company.

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Data presentation

All findings will be visualized in an easy to understand report, and PRECURE can also provide a physical presentation of all relevant data.



With a smart wearable device, connected through a smart phone to the cloud, we measure the strain in the lower arm.

This allows for evaluation of where in the workflow strain is high and could lead to injuries. It also enables deeper analysis, providing your company customized, databased and actionable insight. All presented in simple and intuitive reports.


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