PRECURE works actively to support UN´s Sustainable Development Goals

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For the ones knowing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, it might be obvious that by improving good health and well-being we support the goals.

PRECURE´s products are actually directly linked to goal #3 of the 17 established goals, digging into target 3D, “Improve early warning systems for global health risks”, where Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) can be denoted. But this is just scratching the surface of it.

Our products also have a direct effect on goal #8 - ensuring decent work and economic growth. By promoting safe working environments and by diversifying, innovating and upgrading equipment for the workforce, the effect of what we do increases economic productivity (target 8.2 and 8.8).

But we at PRECURE are not only addressing the goals in our products – it is a part of our daily life.

We are pushing ourselves to grasp as many goals as possible targeting the entire palette. Whether that is a design choice in the electronics on which to use and how to dispose it at end-of-life, to the selected packaging box that has been stripped from all unnecessary plastics and made from biodegradable FSC materials (goal #12). 

At PRECURE, we not only are working intensively towards our mission of eradicating MSD, we also do it in a sustainable way trying to develop the company and business in a way, where we also take care of each other and the environment. Naturally, we are working with gender quality and bringing diversity to the team (goal #5).

We are not just focused on this because the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals say so, but because we know it creates the best team, improves business performance and creates a more sustainable world.

Berivan Uslusdg, UN