Get numbers on your work environment

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As an EHS specialist you probably know the problem of missing concrete and solid numbers on strains and loads in the workflow. It’s very often a gut feeling and crucial decisions are made on personal experience rather than facts.

Personal experience is of cause of the utmost importance, but what if you could back it up with numbers? Concrete and solid numbers measured in the specific workflow you want to improve. Giving you insights on:

  • Where and when is the strain biggest?

  • What tasks is “high risk”?

  • Which employees are in high risk?

  • What kind of stains is most likely causing injuries and attrition?

  • What individual factors are influencing the risk?

With these insights it’s much easier to focus the effort and spend time and resources where you will get the best results. You will have better arguments towards management, and you can even measure the effect of our implemented solutions.

How to do it?

PRECURE™ is a new technology that measures how the body is strained. The first product is targeted strains in the arm, but next focus is on low back. It works though EMG (Elektromyografi) and accelerometers and the feedback is based on scientific research and a large data collection. Making it possible to compare your company’s strain to others or to an average.

PRECURE™ provides the company with all necessary equipment, instruct the involved personnel and gives feedback with recommendations on specific solutions. If wanted it’s also possible to have a post measurement to see effects.

Please contact me for more information as PRECURE™ the rest of 2019 is selling the solution to a very attractive introduction price.

Berivan Uslu