How does the PRECURE app work?

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How does the PRECURE app work?

Have you ever been told that you’re doing something wrong, but not getting help on how to change?

You probably recognize one or two of these situations:

  • You’re not eating right!

  • You’re not exercising enough!

  • You don’t spend enough time with your family!

  • You eat too much meat!

  • You sit behind your desk too much, slouching over the computer!

Our life is full of these “no-goes” and changing it is hard!

At PRECURE, we help you avoid harmful muscle strains and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Not only do we tell you, if your behavior increases the risk of an injury, we also show you how to avoid it, and nudge you to change your ways.

Imagine you feel pain in your elbow. Not much, but just a little annoyance from time to time. What do you do? My guess is nothing. Not until it is more painful, you can´t ignore it and you NEED to get help. Problem is that the injury is much more severe now and it takes a long time to heal.

In this situation, the MLI™ Elbow together with the PRECURE app will give you advice on how to minimize the strain, helping to reduce your discomfort. In this case, it could be advice on stretching exercises, the use of a roller mouse or on how to minimize the strain through better posture. Everything aimed at creating a lasting behavioral change.

The PRECURE app contains small videos. Some of them show good ergonomics and ergonomic equipment. Some tell you how to use your office equipment correctly and some instruct you in exercises or stretching. All content will be personalized and based on the feedback you give to the app and your actual behavior. The more interaction you have with the app, the more personalized the feedback will be.

Søren Würtz
Occupational Health expert

Berivan Uslu