What is MLI™?

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MLI™ is an abbreviation for Muscle Load Index. For a first-time user, this index may seem as magic, but it’s all based on scientific facts. Let me first explain what it is.

MLI™ is an index telling you how loaded or strained your muscles are. The scale is from 1-10. The higher the number, the higher the strain, and eventually the risk of developing an injury.

How can we do that?

As mentioned, it’s all based on science. Well-documented research has shown that 4 different thresholds is crucial, and they are related to heavy and semi-heavy lifts, static work, and the restitution. If your load exceeds these thresholds, your risk will increase exponential. MLI™ uses all 4 thresholds, your injury history, your physical shape and your pain feedback, and translate this to your personalized feedback. In doing so, MLI™ uses special algorithms coming from artificial intelligence.

Because MLI™ takes your variables into the equation, you won’t have the same MLI™ number as your colleague even though you’re doing the same job. You are different from each other and your risk is not the same.


The MLI™ is presented to you in near-real time and is based on your last hour of strain.


On the app´s home screen, your will also be able to see the historical data. This will give you a unique opportunity to see your own data visualized. You can see when strain is highest throughout the day, week or month. And, all your pain lock-ins will also be shown as an average.

The nature of MLI™ makes it dynamic. The more you use it and the more pain lock-ins you give it, the more precise the MLI™ will be. The artificial intelligence inside gets smarter every day, and so will you!   

Søren Würtz, Chief Innovation Officer and physiotherapist

Berivan Uslu