Do you want to get rid of your tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but you need to change the behavior that leads to the injury.

You can treat your injury with all kinds of solutions. Some with good effect, some with less, and hopefully you will eventually succeed. BUT, if you continue the behavior that got you into trouble the first time around, it will prolong the recovery time dramatically and most important increase the risk of relapse.


I have seen so many patients with chronical pains, having tried all kinds of treatments, but with limited effect. But if they don’t change the behavior that leads to injury, they will never recover.


In my mind, it is common sense. Yet, it´s not widely used. There is a simple reason for that. It’s very difficult to determine where and when the behavior is “bad” and it is really difficult to change behavior. This is where PRECURE´s MLI™ comes in.

MLI™ is offering you a near-real time feedback on your muscle strain. It will tell you when to stop and how to minimize the strain though exercise, ergonomic changes, good posture and alike! The solution is based on AI and the more you use it and the more feedback you provide the system, the more precise feedback you will get.


MLI™ is designed to help you and give you the tools to permanent behavior change, and thus recover faster!


Søren Würtz, Chief Innovation Officer and physiotherapist


Berivan Uslu