Why is helping people with tennis elbow so important to PRECURE?

MLI Elbow - helping people-min.jpg

First of all, we have seen hundreds of people suffering from elbow pain. Seen them in agony. Not being able to do what they most enjoy; sports, playing with their kids, doing their jobs or just helping at home. Some might even have difficulties driving a car. People that have lost the ability to work or have had to change jobs.

And, we know that millions are suffering from elbow pain.

I have seen patients going from being happy and well-functioning to depressed and ready for early retirement. It’s an unbearable situation, and we are determined to do something about it. We want to see people happy, free of pain, and doing what they like without any worries.

At PRECURE, we always have this in mind, when we make decisions; what value do we bring to the end-user, how will a design effect the ease of use, or the precision in the feedback?

Every time I need to make an important decision, I think of Helen. I met her 6 years back, when she came to me with a tennis elbow. I treated her with traditional physiotherapy, and she got well. Only to come back with the same injury a few month later. This happened three times, and every time the injury got harder to heal. Eventually, Helen had to quit her job as a laboratory technician. Still today, she can only work part time in a desk job.

In fact, the idea of the world’s first digital therapist came from Helen´s situation.

I truly believe MLI™ Elbow would have made a difference for Helen. A tool helping Helen change her behavior, and avoid the relapse from happening!

Søren Würtz
Chief Innovation Officer, physiotherapist, and co-founder

Berivan Uslu