Pain in the elbow?

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What is the most challenging part of getting an injury or feeling pain in the elbow? Some would say it’s the lack of control or not being able to do what you are used to. But a lot will say it´s not knowing when it will stop and what to do about it right here and now!

For many people, the first reaction will be to ‘google’ it. And google helps – sometimes! Sometimes, the information you find will be wrong. When you have a condition like tennis elbow or carpel tunnel syndrome, its crucial you treat it the right way. You don’t want to spend months on questionable advice leading nowhere.

You need the right knowledge and insight on how to respond to your symptoms. The MLI™ technology will provide you with just that. All the feedback from the system is customized to you and is based on billions of datapoint gathered on thousands of people. It´s developed by experts to make sure it helps you recover as quickly as possible and avoid relapses.

Based on your feedback to the system and analysis of the data collected from your muscle behavior, MLI™ will tell you, not only if your current strain level is putting you at risk of getting an injury, but also what you can to do about it. The app will give you concrete numbers on the strain and specific advice on how to minimize the risk. This advice could be exercises, stretching, ergonomics, special tools, how to treat acute pain, and more.

PRECURE is a company dedicated to help you - to reduce the impact of attrition and work-related injuries. The founders´ backgrounds are based in work environment and the idea is based on many years of experience.

We want to make a difference in your life!

Søren Würtz, Chief Innovation Officer, physiotherapist, and co-founder

Berivan Uslu