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At PRECURE, we are developing smart wearable IoT devices, which analyse muscular activity and provide biofeedback using machine learning.

The user will change behaviour, hence experience less pain, recover faster, and avoid further injuries. This has a positive impact to people´s quality of life, adds cost and time efficiencies to companies, and it enables more effective and efficient treatment. Lastly it will be a huge benefit for society. Patent pending.


PRECURE will help people and companies avoid the pain and consequences of Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD). To achieve this, we are developing a series of solutions for areas of the human body exposed to MSD.

We have started with MLI™ Elbow, MLI™ Back will follow, and much more will come to the support of the individuals. We have developed PRECURE Business Intelligence for companies to help them asses their employees´ muscle load and take proactive measures to minimize the load.


It has been important for us to establish our values and live by them. Our values are:

• We will always be there for you
• Our diversity is paramount
• We are agile in mind and take action
• We are a family

• We will always be there for you

Our customers and users are always with us – in mind and action, during development of our products, and in the service we provide. We focus on creating true value to you – nothing less. We will earn your trust by our professionalism, openness, and honesty.

• Our diversity is paramount

We are an engaged team. We are passioned about helping people and our vision. We have a clear spark in our eyes and a strong mind. We are curious, challenge status quo, and believe quality comes from an open mind and creative discussions. We are truly a mixed bag of nuts – education, age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, experience, location, and more. And diversity is not for show, we live it!

• We are agile in mind and take action

We try small and learn fast. We know we stand on the shoulders of giants; thus, we are flexible and willing to take risks to reach for the stars. We exercise empowerment, takes initiative, and are less concerned about titles. We are involved in the decision making. We make change and want to make a difference.

• We are a family

We believe fun and excellence go hand-in-hand. We celebrate wins and give credit. We are willing to listen and trust each other. We help and want to learn from people and from doing. We are a community, reaching out, and participate. We are ourselves - also, when vulnerable and emotional. We always have each other’s backs.

Precure Elbow is an innovative and user-friendly product based upon very advanced technology
— Henrik Søgaard, R&D Manager, Ohmatex
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Our story

The PRECURE story begins in 2012. Søren is a physiotherapist. He had a patient - Marie - who kept coming back. Month after month. Nothing seemed to help. Listening to his patient’s problems, Søren conceives the idea of the world’s first digital therapist.

In 2016 and based on his idea, he gathered a team of experts within electrical engineering, data science, automation and robotics, and created the very first version of MLI™ Elbow. A device that helps Marie – and thousands of people like her – to live the life they want to live.

Today, our business is focused on helping people with pain and to develop products to prevent pain in the elbow, back, neck and shoulder.



Søren Würtz.jpg

Søren Würtz

Partner & CINO

Finn Bech Andersen, CEO.png

Finn Bech Andersen

Partner & CEO

Jønne Marcher, CTO.png

Jønne Marcher

Partner & CTO

David Mirabet Manjon.jpg

David Mirabet Manjón

Data Manager


Berivan Uslu

Web Manager


David Juul Ørnsholt

Junior Product Developer

Mikkel Vissing

Junior Product Developer


Board of Directors

Carl-Erik Jørgensen, chairman of the board.png

Carl-Erik Jørgensen

Chairman of the Board

Kristina Jensen, member of the board.png

Kristina Jensen

Member of the Board

Suzaan Sauerman.jpg

Suzaan Sauerman

Member of the Board

Carsten Scheibye.jpg

Carsten Scheibye

Partner & Member of the Board


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