Repetitive strain injuries are very common. We can help.




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Repetitive strain injuries are very common - we can help

Repetitive work is one of the primary reason for tennis elbow

Whether you are a lab technician, graphic designer, office worker or perform any other kind of repetitive work you are at risk of getting tennis elbow. MLI™ Elbow can help


Tennis elbow is a common injury among athletes

You probably spend a lot of hours on the training course. Getting better, improving, learning a new skill. You can wear MLI™ Elbow during your work-out.


Gripping, twisting and lifting increase risk of getting tennis elbow

Those who perform manual work, like gripping, twisting, reaching, and lifting, are much more likely to experience the condition - e.g. lab technicians, hairdressers, carpenters, butchers, plumbers, and chefs.


More and more esport athletes experience tennis elbow

You can´t play through it. Trying to do this will put an end to gaming as you know it. MLI™ Elbow can help map your behaviour and most importantly; what to do about it.


The people behind PRECURE


Our legacy

The PRECURE story begins in 2012. Søren is a physiotherapist. He had a patient - Marie - who kept coming back. Month after month. Nothing seemed to help. Listening to his patient’s problems, Søren conceives the idea of the world’s first digital therapist.

In 2016 and based on his idea, he gathered a team of experts within electro engineering, data science, automation and robotics, and created the very first version of MLI™ Elbow. A device that can help Marie – and thousands of people like her – to live the life they want to live.

Today, our business is focused on helping people with pain and prevent pain in the elbow, back, neck and shoulder.



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